HOTEX textilrecycling

HOTEX GmbH is a middle-sized company focusing on collection, processing and distribution of used textiles apart from manufacturing and distribution of industrial wiping rags made from used textiles. For over 40 years our company is part of the German and European market. By now, we find ourselves among the leading corporations in the field of textile refinement and processing.

In the field of collecting used textiles („used clothing collections“) HOTEX has been cooperating for years successfully and confidently with Germany’s largest charitable organizations as well as commercial partners. Among the latter are industrial laundries, the textile industry as well as disposal contractors in the municipal and private business sector. We are constantly endeavoring to optimize and expand our cooperation with the German Red Cross (DRK), the Workers` Welfare Association (AWO), the Malteser and other charitable organizations in Germany.

Apart from our head office in central Germany, our company has branches in the northern part of Germany, Denmark and Czech Republic. We do also cooperate with partners in Poland, Sweden and Morocco. This network of business partners allows us to successfully supply our customers from the fields of technical retailing, the (automobile-) industry as well as maritime suppliers and shipyards across Europe.

As a growth-oriented and dynamic company we are strongly interested in responding to a developing market and in meeting our customers` demands.